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Tidal Turbine System

Verdant Power’s Tidal Turbine System is a turnkey water-to-wire system utilizing horizontal-axis turbines to convert the kinetic energy of fast-moving (> 1.0 m/s) water currents into clean renewable electricity.  Multiple turbines are deployed on mounts in a field array fully underwater and not visible from the surface.

OUR Tidal Turbine System

Optimized & Industry-ready Solutions

Tidal Turbine System

  • The central component of the Verdant Power Tidal Turbine System is a three-bladed horizontal-axis turbine.  The turbine is equipped with a composite rotor (1) with three blades that rotate at a slow and regular rate, well below normal water vessel propeller speeds and conventional hydropower turbine blade speeds.
  • The drive train and generator are enclosed within the nacelle, (2) including a special integrated long-life planetary gear box and bearing housing with mechanical shaft seals for the main shaft. The sealed nacelle is supported on a pylon (3) that attaches to a seafloor mount(4), which can vary depending on site and project specifications.
  • During tidal operation the turbine self aligns with the water flow to generate on the flood tide when water velocity exceeds 1 m/s; and then stops as slack tide occurs; changing direction (by 170 degrees termed yaw) to generate in the ebb direction.



Sealed nacelle


TriFrame Mount 

Power Cable 

Simple and Scalable

Key Advantages:
  • The turbines operate continually, predictably and automatically and are remotely monitored by a proprietary control system.
  • A key advantage of the Verdant Power turbine is its simplicity — the unit is ‘ready for operation’ almost as soon as it is deployed.
  • The turbines rotate to generate energy as long as there is adequate water speed (> 1.0 m/s).
  • Power performance has been certified by a third-party international agency

Tri Frame Solution

Our Innovations

Verdant Power's TriFrame™

Our TriFrame™ is a steel, triangular frame mount that supports the 5 Meter Tidal Turbine System.  An array of multiple turbines on  TriFrames is arranged at a project site based on water velocity, hydrodynamics, and accessibility.

Retrieve and Replace Maintenance

Key Advantages:

A key advantage of the TriFrame™ is access to multiple turbines through one on-water operation with a Retrieve and Replace maintenance strategy.

Retrieved turbines are refurbished at a local land-based facility for subsequent reuse.

Turbines can be retrieved with immediate replacement with ready spares to minimize outage time and high costs of on-water work.

This maintenance strategy allows for regularly scheduled on-water operations and maintenance work, lowering the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and reducing risks for unplanned outages

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