Leading the Way in Tidal Energy


First Company to Receive a Commercial License for Tidal Power in the United States.

First Technology to Receive a Power Performance Certification (PPC) from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Verdant Power is at the forefront of advancing the global tidal energy industry to make tidal energy technology available worldwide. We focus on validating the unique benefits of clean, renewable, and reliable tidal energy and creating lasting partnerships to expand the marine energy industry.

Get to Know Our Tidal Turbine Systems

The central component of the Verdant Tidal Turbine System is a three-bladed horizontal-axis turbine.  The turbine is equipped with a composite rotor with three  blades that rotate at a slow and regular rate, well below normal water vessel propeller speeds and conventional hydropower turbine blade speeds.

The drive train and generator are enclosed within the nacelle, including a special integrated long-life planetary gear box and bearing housing with mechanical shaft seals for the main shaft. The sealed nacelle is supported on a pylon that attaches to a seafloor mount, which can vary depending on site and project specifications.

Get to Know Our Projects

The Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy (RITE) Project

The RITE Project operated under a 10-year Hydrokinetic Pilot Project License from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and a 401 Water Quality Certification from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Verdant Power conducted in-water testing of its turbine system, successfully demonstrating the technology as an efficient source of clean energy.

Verdant Power Awarded Berth in the Morlais Development Zone

A visionary tidal-stream energy project with the potential to generate up to 240 MW of electricity. It is located off the coast of Holy Island, Anglesey in Wales, UK.

The project aims to benefit local communities, the economy and help tackle climate change by using renewable energy to generate clean low carbon electricity. 

News & Updates

Over 22MW of Tidal Stream Projects Win Contracts in Wales

Marine Energy Wales has welcomed today’s announcement that four tidal stream projects based in Welsh waters, have been given the green light to provide electricity to the National Grid, as part of the latest round (allocation round 5) of the UK Government’s renewable auction. Over 22MW of tidal stream capacity has been contracted in Wales.

Meet The Developers Behind Wales' Newest Tidal Stream Projects

The latest results of the UK Government’s renewable auction, the Contracts for Difference scheme, was described as ‘catastrophic’ for the offshore wind sector. But tidal stream energy in the UK was awarded a huge boost, with 11 companies successfully gaining contracts. The auction awards a 15-year contract to the projects that bid the lowest price for the clean electricity they go on to generate. At an agreed strike price of £198/MWh, the developers behind these projects can now move forward with confidence.


Verdant Isles Ltd.(VIL)is pleased to announce that it’s 5MW Morlais Tidal Project application for the Contracts for Difference Allocation Round 5: Allocation Framework (AR5) successfully met the qualification criteria by the EMR delivery body. VIL is a joint venture company established by Verdant Power, Inc. (New York, NY) and Duggan Brothers Ltd. (Ireland) to assess and develop tidal energy projects in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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